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If your kids are looking for a different kind of VBS, they're invited to CLC 2019!
Kids will have an opportunity to pick a camp focus for the week.


Creative Kids Camp: Join this class to explore this world God created through our senses. We will highlight a different sense each day.

Authors Camp: Sometimes you just need a good book. Incoming 2nd through 4th graders are invited to come and create a short story of their own design! The budding authors will be guided through the writing process from brainstorming to a finished book that they will be able to take home on the last day. Sign up today!   

CSI Camp: This class will give campers an opportunity to learn how science is used to solve crimes.  Participants will learn how to analyze crime scenes, collect fingerprints, and more.  If any criminal activity occurs during camp, these campers will be ready to figure out who the culprit is!

Outdoors Camp: Outdoors camp is for the kid adventurer who wants to learn how to become an expert on all things outdoors. From learning to start a fire, to knowing how to spot dangerous plants, to figuring out what to do when you are lost and find your way back home. God is everywhere! And we can appreciate him in everything we see. Come learn about the exciting things you can do to explore nature better than ever before. 

Rockets: Life is like a rocket, you have possibilities to launch into the heavens or you can blow up, disintegrating before it has a chance to leave the launch pad.  Explore with us your God given talents from the ultimate creator using rockets and aerodynamic techniques.

Crafty Corner: God made you special and he loves you very much! Come use some of the wonderful gifts he has given you to create some fun crafts.

Cooking: Did you ever stop to think about what the Bible says about food? God gave us meat and vegetables for nourishment so we can grow and build muscles. Just like our body needs food to physically grow, we need the Bible to spiritually grow. God tells us His word (the Bible) is our spiritual food. The cooking class will show how to make healthy snacks from simple foods and ingredients mentioned in the Bible. You will also learn how the Bible uses food to teach us valuable lessons we can use every day.